The district Ilfov represents the area which surrounds the capital of Romania, Bucharest. A characteristic element of the district is the necklace of piscicultural lakes, lakes of accumulation and of recreation which surround the town Bucharest. It is the area of the important en-gross centres from Romania and at the same time a strong industrial area. From a geographic point of view, the district is placed in the Romanian plain, at approximately 40-60 km of Danube River and at around 100 km from the Mountains Carpati.
Neighbour with the district Prahova in north, Ialomita at east, Calarasi at south-east, Giurgiu in south and Dâmbovita in north-west, Ilfov occupies a surface of 1.583 km2., which represents approximately 3,5 % from the country surface. The relief is mainly formed of plain, being at 105-137 m in comparison with the Black Sea level. The plain is interrupted by the calm courses and by the large river beds of Colentina, Sabar, Dâmbovita, Ialomita and their affluents.