The district Ilfov has been attested since the second half of the XV century. In this princely charter, it is mentioned "Elhov", and later, in 1602, this area becomes known as Ilfov.

Certainly, at that time, this territory was not the correspondent of the one from the XX century or of the one from today, but it contained a much more extended region, since the name of Ilfov is born by a village from the district Dambovita - Ilfoveni (the commune Nucet), a brook affluent of the river Dambovita - Ilfovat, but also a village from district Giurgiu - Podul Ilfovatului (commune Buturugeni). The district Ilfov was maintained until 24 January 1981, when it was dissolved and when it was founded the Agricultural Sector Ilfov, in the suborder of Bucharest town, with the administrative head office in the commune Balotesti.

Upon its foundation, the Agricultural Sector Ilfov (S.A.I.) possessed 17 communes and the town Buftea, and subsequently, in September 1981, entered in its structure another 3 communes from the district Ialomita: Nuci, Gradistea and Petrachioaia, and, after that, with the beginning of the arrangement works of the river Arges, also entered in its structure S.A.I., from the district Giurgiu, the communes: Ciorogarla, Domnesti, Clinceni, Darasti-Ilfov, 1 Decembrie, Vidra and Berceni. Through the Law no. 69/1991 concerning the local public administration, the Agricultural Sector Ilfov is offered the statute and the prerogatives of a district, and through the Law no. 50/1997, the seat and the residence of the district Ilfov is established in Bucharest town.

At present, the administrative territory of the district Ilfov is made of two towns (Buftea and Otopeni ) and 37 communes (Afumati, Balotesti, Berceni, Bragadiru, Branesti, Cernica, Chiajna, Chitila, Ciolpani, Ciorogarla, Clinceni, Corbeanca, Cornetu, Dascalu, Darasti, Dobroiesti, Domnesti, Dragomiresti-Vale, Ganeasa, Glina, Gradistea, Gruiu, Jilava, Magurele, Moara Vlasiei, Mogosoaia, Nuci, Pantelimon, Peris Petrachioaia, Popesti-Leordeni, Snagov Stefanestii de Jos , Tunari Vidra, Voluntari, 1 Decembrie with a number of 101 villages.